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We help our customers find solutions to their problems, so we look for problem solvers above all. We value skills over experience.
Fully RemoteYou can work from your home or you can share a cup of coffee with us from time to time in our physical office. We trust you'll do the best work you can from wherever you are. We have an always up-to-date set of tools that allows us to keep in touch at all times. If you prefer working from the office, we'll always have a neat space for you to conduct your magic.
Flexible working hoursWe do make promises to our customers, and we love to deliver on time, but we also trust you know how to organize your schedule so that everyone is happy. Meetings are usually fixed, and we can hardly change that, but otherwise, we don't believe in managing your time. We also don't like getting up too early in the morning, sleep is important!
Open structureWe all work as a team. Everyone, starting from the manager to the freshest hires can make their voices heard and we promote open collaboration over hierarchy. We have weekly feedback sessions with everyone in the company, and we are always open to ad-hoc talks. Our goal is for everyone to become the best professional they can, and we are here to help.
Salary optionsLet's face it, we all need money, and working is a good way to obtain the funds we need. We don't offer other benefits, we'd rather find that fair financial sweetspot that works best for you, and you decide how you spend your money. We're never late and we don't take shortcuts.
Continous developmentWe hate it when our developers feel like they're stagnating. We try and make sure that never happens. A great developer never stops learning, and is never afraid to ask questions. We are open to learning more from you, and we offer our valuable knowledge in return.
Up-to date hardware and softwareWe have a top of the line notebook waiting for you when you join us. We promote mobility and speed. Besides that we always try to have the most comfortable furniture for you in our offices, and at least an external display for you to use. For communication, time tracking and collaboration, we rely on well established applications.
Open positions
Frontend engineerExperience working with the latest ES specs, preferably good knowledge of React/Vue and their respective SSR frameworks.
Backend engineerExperience working with Java/Kotlin and Spring, Django/Python or Node.js. Full stack capabilities are nice to have.
DevOps EngineerIf are familiar with GCP/AWS/Azure, Docker and Kubernetes and UNIX operating systems, this job is for you.