Citadel Hub - citadel hub
End-to-end software development and team augmentation.
We help you build your digital product from the ground up, or we expand your team with our skilled, fully integrated developers.
Application developmentWe can help you build fully featured mobile or web applications, having strong real-world experience in the development of digital products used by hundreds of thousands of users in various businesses.
Team augmentationFinding the right people for your team can be a daunting experience, that's why we can provide experienced, fully integrated developers quickly, as long as our expertise fits your immediate needs.
Rapid prototypingAlmost all projects start with an MVP phase, which can help you set the right goals for your product. We have flexible, dedicated offers for quick and cost efficient MVP development.
Support and maintenanceWe support you until the last stages and beyond. We can help with the deployment, operation and maintenance tasks that are vital to ensure the users get the best experience possible out of your product.
Production-worthy and stable tech stack
We love experimenting and testing out new technologies, but when we develop a product for you, we rely on our core expertise to deliver quick and straightforward solutions to your problems.
How we work
We listen, we analyze and then we come up with the best proposal.
RequirementsWe listen to you and analyze your requirements. We are happy to use all the resources you give us to better understand your needs.
Acceptance criteriaWe help you formulate the acceptance criteria as simple and as straightforward as possible. This will help us set clear development goals.
ImplementationWe start the development and we maintain an open communication line at all times during the process to make sure you get exactly what you want.
Who we are

We started a few years ago with a clear goal in mind. Deliver the customer's vision with great care for quality and speed, and no corner-cutting. Due to our previous experience working in many software development agencies over the years, we know what the major pain points are and we do our best to avoid them in our collaborations. Communication is key, empathy and special attention to what the customer needs.

Our core team is made up of senior developers, Backend, Frontend and DevOps engineers that together amount to tens of years of experience in web, mobile and backend application development.

We are based in Romania, our timezone allows for easy alignment with both Western European and US/Canadian customers. Although rarely necessary, on-site availability is easy to achieve, due to the non-stop flights connecting us to all of Europe in less than 2 hours. We also have some of the best internet connectivity in Europe, with 100% of the country being currently covered by 1Gbps connections, and by 2022 with 10Gbps networks.

Being part of the European Union, we conform to the European legislation, including the Data Protection Laws (GDPR/DSGVO), so your data is safe with us.

We are present in most major university centers, which gives us access to a big pool of talents, Romania being known for having some of the most talented programmers, backed up by great communication skills, proficient written and spoken English.

We have worked with customers from Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA. Our experience varies from IoT projects, travel and hospitality, telecom and e-commerce.

Get in touch
We are always available for a chat. Send us an email, call us or go book a time in our calendar on the Get a quote section.